17 Apr
Customized Eyeliner Boxes Wholesale

What are Eyeliner Boxes?

Eyeliner is used on a daily basis by women. They are considered to be the most important element of the cosmetic industry. Many retailers have come forward to serve this need of a woman. Because of so many items resent in the market it has become difficult to choose one brand. Custom Packaging is the only way to differentiate one item from another. Custom Eyeliner Box keeps eyeliner in its original quality and form. These high-quality boxes can be found in various shapes and sizes. The attractive the box the more chances it has to go off the shelf easily to customer’s basket.

Premade and Custom Eyeliner Boxes:

Like choosing from a variety of sizes and design you have two options to pack your goodies. Either buy a pre-made common box or invest in a specifically designed custom box for your product. Premade Boxes have lost their charm over the year as customers are demanding good packaging now. They now want both the product and the Packaging to be of great quality. Many customers buy a product only by looking at its packaging. Designing a custom made box may increase your cost a little bit as compared to premade boxes but the advantages attached to customized boxes are much greater than its cost.

Different Style of Boxes:

You can find a variety of boxes in the market like four corner tray, auto bottom tray, seal end boxes, dispenser boxes. A whole lot of boxes are in the market to help you to get your desired box. Wholesale Eyeliner Boxes demand is increasing as the demand for eyeliner is increasing. Gel, liquid and pencil liners all require different styles of boxes. Different packaging is needed to accommodate different type of eyeliners. Extra value is added to the product by using high-quality packaging. The style and design of the boxes are what actually showcases the product, so the box should be beyond perfect.

The Material Used for Boxes:

From Kraft to cardboard to corrugated material you have a variety of options available to choose from. Choose the material depending on the nature of your product and how much fragile it is. Finishing options like Glossy, Spot UV, Matte, and Aqua Coat are available to enhance your box    . Add-ons, die cut window, embossing can exhibit your product better. Window panes are augmented to let customers have a look at the product so they can easily decide what feature they were looking for. Generally, all material is completely safe for the environment and recyclable.

Why Custom Boxes Zone?

Our eyeliner boxes are of great quality. Custom Boxes Zone offer your free hand in designing your own product. From choosing to raw material to designing to deciding the color scheme. No matter what design you choose our professional team will make the box for you. Our Boxes are made from biodegradable material and we offer free shipping for your boxes. We believe in facilitating our customers. If you have any design related queries our art team will guide and design your product free of cost. We are famous for our on time, free of cost deliveries.

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