23 Apr
Custom Printed Hair Extension Packaging Wholesale

What is Hair Extension Packaging?

Hair products like shampoo, conditioner, straightener, curler, and extensions are very popular among people. They are major contributors to generating revenues for a company. Hair care products require special packaging and handling. These products have created an ever-growing need for Hair extension packaging. Custom hair extension packaging adds more flair to your products. These boxes are available in every size, shape, and color. Presenting a product in bewitching boxes can inevitably grab the attention of everyone passing by the rack or shelf. Box defines the wroth of the product enclosed in it. Boxes should be durable enough to protect the product and enchanting enough to attract targeted customers.

Premade or Custom Boxes are Better?

Hair extension packaging is completely dependent on the demand of hair products manufacturer and customer’s taste. You can get Hair extension packaging boxes in any shape and size. You can decide whether you want a plain simple mono-color box with your name printed on it or beautifully printed colorful box.  Customized Hair extension packaging boxes add color and beauty to mono-colored boxes. You can choose the design according to the nature of your product and demand of customers. Custom Hair extension packaging wholesale includes all information about the product.  Premade boxes are available in specific sizes and colors and don’t offer many options to alter their design and shapes. As customers demand designer boxes so customized boxes are preferred over premade boxes.

Hair Extension Packaging Box is a Style or Type of Packaging Box?

Hair extension packaging boxes can be made for any product. It can be for retail or gift purposes. Using different styles of boxes like Auto bottom tray, two pieces box or reverse tuck end completely depends on what product is being stored. Like tray, boxes are used for hair extensions and Hair straighteners are placed in reverse tuck end boxes.  Customized hair extension packaging is manufactured considering the nature of the product so that it won’t get damaged after packing and during transporting it from one store to another.

Designing a Box:

Elegant styling and creative packaging add personality to your product. Glossy, matte, UV spotting, lamination or embossing finishing techniques result in amazing and eye catchy boxes. As customers now days are very brand conscious so printing a logo can satisfy their branded items demand. The material of the box is selected on how much protection is needed for the product. For lightweight items, Kraft or cardstock is used whereas for heavy and more fragile items corrugated stock is used. Adding window panes forces the customer to have a look at what goodness is packed inside the packaging.

Why CustomBoxesZone?

Our company uses high-quality Hair extension packaging boxes with a variety of colors, elegant printing, and refined cutting. Our high-quality boxes ensure that the quality of hair products is not compromised and they reach the customers in their original quality. CustomBoxesZone works hard to build a friendly and trusted relationship with customers. Our professional designers utilize the best material and designs to provide customers with the best possible product. We believe in facilitating our customers so we charge no hidden or extra costs for designing your product and also offer free doorstep delivery.

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