22 Apr
Customized Hair Extension Boxes Wholesale

Hair Extension Boxes:

Hair extensions have created a new craze in the fashion industry. Women with short and damaged hair use hair extensions to beautify their look. Custom Hair extension boxes are available in all sizes and shapes but customization and diversity in style and design make them prominent from all other products available on the same shelf. Additional window panes added to the box lets the customer have a look at the original product.  Manufacturers are investing a lot in packaging to help their brand stay on top and to increase its sale. Ribbons, laces add more attraction to the boxes.

Premade and Custom Hair Extension Boxes:

Flashy, attractive and durable boxes are key to business success. Elegant packaging can pull buyers to buy your product. Readymade boxes are available in the market. Many companies who are on a very tight budget prefer readymade boxes as they are cheap and easily available.  They are usually available in limited sizes and design. Companies attach their logo and launch the product in the market. But big brands invest in custom wholesale packaging to benefit both from low price and custom design to make their product look unique from others.  Enchantingly designed custom hair extension boxes are preferred by customers and are more productive in branding than premade boxes.

Boxes Style:

You can select the design you want to use for your product packaging like Hexagon boxes, two-piece boxes, etc. Select a design and box that completely compliments your product. The style of the box should be in accordance with the hair extension. Like for blond extensions, the light color box should be used. For black hair extension dark box should be used. Beautifully designed boxes can easily increase your sales and help you to generate a great number of profits. Adding instructions and contents on the box earns customers trust and increases brand followers.

The Material used to make the Boxes:

Our ozone layer is depleting due to harmful materials used on a daily basis. Customers now demand packaging that is eco-friendly and doesn’t cause pollution to the environment. Companies use materials like Kraft, cardboard or corrugated stock which are durable and recyclable. Hair extension  packaging is very fragile and hence they require a packaging that keeps them safe from any outside danger and preserves their original quality. Window panes are added to attract customers to have a glimpse of the packed product. The packaging is made more charming by using different printing and styling techniques like embossing, debossing, foil stamping, hanging tab and much more.

Why CustomBoxesZone?

CustomBoxesZone is one of the most trusted packaging products manufacturers. Our main aim is the satisfaction of our customers. We offer the most competitive prices in the market and hassle-free delivery with zero delivery cost. Every box is printed with care and professionalism to pack your product in elegant packaging.  Our proficient craftsmanship makes your boxes with such devotion that these boxes help your product to stand out in the market and easily beat all other brands available in the market. Trust our capabilities and defeat your competitors with our high-end alluring boxes. Our custom boxes are made according to your requirements and that too in a very affordable price.

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