14 May
Customized Perfume Packaging Boxes Wholesale

What are Perfume Boxes?

Perfumes enhance the outlook of the person wearing it. A person who smells good looks good therefore they are used by almost everyone. Who doesn’t want to smell nice? Perfume boxes are used to pack perfume bottles. It comes in various shapes, sizes, etc. depending upon the requirement. Perfume boxes can be decorated by using various colors, bows, felts, various designing techniques and anything that gives the boxes personal touch. Perfume boxes are also used as gift boxes. Perfume boxes add beauty to the perfume bottles as well as they provide safety to the bottle itself. 

Difference between Premade and Custom Made Perfume Boxes:

Premade perfume boxes are ready-made boxes available in the market that can accommodate perfume bottles. These perfume boxes have standard decoration and contain standardized colors, bows, felts, washi tapes, etc and are available in limited designs, sizes, and shapes. Whereas the custom perfume boxes are for the ones who are very particular about their appearance and perception, after all, we all want to look the best. Custom Perfume packaging is designed especially for specific perfume keeping in mind the theme of perfume and demand of end user.

Different Styles of Boxes: 

Perfume boxes come in different styles depending upon the safety requirement of the perfume bottle and the amount of decoration and beauty required. The boxes should not only display elegant graphics but it should also be durable and well constructed to protect the perfume bottles inside. The most common type of perfume boxes available is straight Tuck End (STE) or Reverse Tuck End (RTE). These boxes are made to allow quick assembly of perfume packaging boxes. They are also easy to make. The box is glued on the sides and then tuck in to close at the top and bottom of the box. These types of boxes are for lightweight perfumes. Then we have Tuck top auto lock boxes which are used for heavyweight perfume bottles. 

perfume packagingGrab alluring perfume boxes to make your perfume look high end. These elegantly designed boxes will add value to your gift as well. Also, take advantage of our great turnover time and free delivery.

The Paper used in Making Boxes:

In making perfume boxes there is a choice between 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt, 24pt, and White SBS C1S C2S papers. It comes in various finishing options like glossy, matte, aqua coat and spot UV. Moreover, additional choices are a die-cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling, lamination, embossing, etc. Apart from that, you can also select the material that will be used as a base of your boxes like kraft paper, cardboard paper, and corrugated material. Whatever the material you are choosing, the nature of the product and its fragility should be taken in to account first and foremost.  Add-ons, die cut window, embossing can exhibit your product better.

Why CustomBoxesZone provides the Best services:

CustomBoxesZone has the experience and commitment to provide to its customers with the best product that is available in the market. CustomBoxesZone has produced the best perfume boxes for some of the biggest brands in the market. You can choose perfume boxes designs from our standards design templates or you can get custom perfume boxes designed to form us. You can choose the paper of the perfume boxes as per your requirement. CustomBoxesZone designs the perfume boxes so perfectly that it can be used as gift packaging boxes and it also adds value to the perfume bottle.  In short, CustomBoxesZone never ceases to amaze its customers with its attractive designs, packaging, strength, and quality.

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