29 Apr
Customized Lipstick Boxes Wholesale

What are the Lipstick Boxes?

Lipstick is the most important item that is used in the ladies’ makeover. Ladies of all ages use lipstick. They can be glossy or matte. Women buy them according to their preference. Lipstick boxes are the boxes which are used to store and keep lipsticks. The lipstick boxes should be as pleasing as the lipstick itself. They play an important role in the sale of lipstick. Lipstick boxes are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors. Lipstick boxes can also be custom made depending on one’s taste.  

Difference between Premade and Custom Made Lipstick Boxes:

Premade lipstick boxes are boxes which are of standard shapes, size and color. They are used to accommodate the most common types of lipsticks. These boxes have standard decoration with standard colors bows, tapes, wraps, etc. The custom made lipstick boxes are for the ones’ who are very particular about their general outlook and perception. Customized lipstick boxes are used to showcase one’s brand and product in an effective manner although designing custom lipstick requires special expertise.  

Different Styles of Boxes:

Irrespective of the shape, size, and color of lipstick box, the first and foremost advantage of lipstick boxes is that it keeps the product safe. The boxes protect the product from external contamination and hence keep the quality of the product intact until it reaches the customer. Cost effective lipstick boxes can provide a lot of options and variety. Lipstick boxes are manufactured according to the theme of lipstick. Like red lipstick in red box or dark colored box with a red spot on top so that the customer knows what color is enclosed without opening the box. Logos, ingredients and other information should be printed according to the guidelines provided by the cosmetic industry. These boxes protect the lipsticks and can be made more eye-catching by using laces, slogans, embellishments or ribbons.

Paper used in making Boxes:

There are many materials that can be used in lipstick boxes like Cardboard, Kraft or corrugated stock. The most prominent of them are the Kraft and eco-friendly material. Kraft is a brownish porous material used, ideal for custom lipstick packaging boxes due to its easy availability. The porous surface allows the ventilation of air to keep your lipstick safe from any damage and odor. Eco-friendly lipstick boxes are the ones which are decomposed easily. Window panes are added so customers can enjoy looking at product packed inside.

Why CustomBoxesZone provides Best Services:

CustomBoxesZone is the leader in the market for making of lipstick boxes. CustomBoxesZone has already provided lipstick boxes to some of the biggest brands of lipstick in the market. CustomBoxesZone has premade standardized boxes and also provides custom made lipstick boxes. CustomBoxesZone also assists in designing the boxes because it requires special experience and expertise. In short, CustomBoxesZone never ceases to amaze its customers with its attractive designs, packaging, strength, and quality.

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