01 May
Customized Lotion Boxes Wholesale

What are Lotion Boxes?

Lotions are unisex products as they are used by everyone on a daily basis according to the needs like for dry skin, oily skin, allergy, and UV protection. Lotions have created a big market and demand for uninterrupted supply. They sell more than the products that are just for women. Lotions are usually in liquid form and require special packaging to avoid spillage and leakage. Good packaging keeps the lotion upright and in the perfect way to keep it safe from any danger. It is one biggest challenge for companies to not only produce good products but also find astonishing packaging for them.

Custom or Premade Boxes?

Innovative packaging represents your products in a classy manner. For packaging companies usually have two options. Custom or premade boxes. Premade boxes are mostly used by small companies who have a limited budget. They buy these simple average looking boxes and print their logo to launch their products in the market. These boxes can’t offer you a position in a niche. Custom wholesale boxes are better as they are affordable and unique boxes are designed just for your product. Unique boxes with logos embossed on them create brand awareness among customers and help your product to stay on top.

Lotion Box is a Style or Type of Packaging Box?

Packaging plays an important role in the perceived value of a product. Companies select packaging according to their product needs. Lotions need special packaging to keep the liquid protected from natural stimuli and to deliver the product in its original quality to the customer. Custom lotion packaging are designed according to the product. Like for medicinal use lotion, they are packed in simple elegant packaging, for teenage girls lotions are packed in bold fonts and bright colors, for men single dark tones colors are preferred. Such packaging brings out a great reaction from customers and compels them to buy the product.

The material used for Boxes:

There is a wide variety of customization you can do to your product boxes or you can ask for a completely custom box from scratch. Select your material like Kraft, Cardstock or corrugated stock then use the size and color schemes and then select the designing and styling of your box like fonts design, embossing, debossing, die-cut, PVC sheet, UV spotting and raised ink. Add glossy finishing to box that are for young people or matte finish to boxes that target men or relatively older customers. 

Why CustomBoxesZone:

Looking for options to figure out the aforementioned out? CustomBoxesZone is here to help you out. We offer high-quality boxes with great offset printing at a very affordable rate. Our research team searches the market to find what type of box your product need and how it will benefit you both in terms of brand image and profit making. Our policy is to build a long term relationship with our customers. This is why we never compromise on quality while providing boxes at a very affordable price. We have all the latest technologies to print your boxes high resolutions images and designing.

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