02 May
Customized Makeup Boxes Wholesale

Makeup Boxes:

One of the most important aspects of women’s life is cosmetics. If they are given a chance to shop their hearts out they would definitely choose makeup. Cosmetic boxes are also one of the reasons for the major sale of cosmetic items. Women also use these boxes as jewelry boxes. Makeup boxes are a game changer in making extra profits. High-quality sturdy packaging serves a lot of needs. Innovative boxes are used to place single or multiple makeup items. Makeup boxes are available in attractive designs and various sizes and shapes. They secure the product enclosed in them as well as are excellent for the advertisement of products and company.

Premade or Custom Made Boxes:

High strength boxes increase the life of the product.  It’s natural that women love flamboyant colors. A packaging that is made for women should be colorful and charming. Women never get attracted to simple mono colors packaging. Customized packaging is the only way to allure a woman to buy a specific product. Women are more brand conscious than men. Therefore printing company’s logo on top of the box creates a good market for brand conscious women.  Cosmetics are the most demanded commodities. Many brands have emerged to help women beautify themselves. This has created confusion among customers about what to buy. Astonishing and customized boxes are the only way to bring your products into limelight.

Makeup Box is a Style or type of Packaging Box:

Packaging that matches the product presented inside help the customer to buy the product without opening the box.  Boxes should be made in accordance with the cosmetic industry standards and all relevant information and ingredients list should be printed on the box. This creates brand awareness and an everlasting impact on the customer’s mind. It completely depends on the company to decide whether they want to place their products in gable bags, Double wall front tuck end boxes, seal end boxes or auto bottom tray.

Material Used for Boxes?

Makeup boxes play a significant role in protection and custom makeup packaging products. Only a box made of high strength can protect delicate makeup items like nail polishes, lipsticks, and eye shadows. Boxes are made either of eco-friendly or non-eco-friendly material depending on customer’s preference. Kraft and paper stock is used for lighter items whereas corrugated stock is used for heavier and fragile items as the corrugated stock has three layers and is shock resistant. Color and designing are decided depending on what segment is being targeted. Like for brides glossy packaging is manufactured and for young girls, funky colors are used. Aqueous coating is done to make the box waterproof so that the original quality is preserved.


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